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Why Go Solar

Take advantage of state and federal incentives and rebates

RENEW USA does all the work so you can reap the full benefits of the current solar incentives. On average our customers are receiving $18,500 of rebate money for going solar.

What You get with Us

Solar Made

Solar Made

Solar Made

Solar Made

Solar Made


There’s many reasons to go solar
and its easier to get there than you think

RENEW USA offers a wide variety of financing options including the government backed Green Bank which makes solar available to everyone.

RENEW USA Warranty

The best in the industry

Unlike other solar contractors, RENEW USA makes sure your entire system is covered. If we touch it, we cover it. No fine print. Learn about how RENEW USA energize warranties cover your new or pre-existing roof warranties

0 yr
Solar Panel Warranty
0 yr
Mirco Inverter Warranty
0 yr
Install Warranty

Eliminate Your Electric Bill

Reduce your Utility Bill for Good

An average $175 per month electric bill becomes a $2,100 annual expense. By going solar you turn a liability into an asset and build equity in your home as opposed to giving your money to your local utility provider. This also protects you from rising energy costs.

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