Why Go Solar

Take advantage of state and federal
incentives and rebates Before they’re gone

You may also be fortunate enough to be going solar in a utility territory that also offers an incentive of their own. Westchester county in New York is offering $800 a kilowatt which means on a small system size of 5kw you will receive $4000.
If this wasn’t all good enough reason to go solar here’s one more. After you go solar your home will be worth more this added value is exempt from property tax and sales tax.

Virtually every state in the country has some kind of support program for rooftop solar systems. You are especially fortunate if you are going solar in New York State: They have some of the most ambitious solar incentives. The NY solar tax credit will pay you 25% the cost of your solar energy system which is capped at $5000.

The Federal Tax Credit (ITC) allows you to receive 26% back of the cost of your new solar energy system. The solar system generates serious energy savings and also generates serious money in your pocket.

Talking Dollars That Make Sense

Going solar takes an old expense “electric bill” and turns it into the perfect investment. When placing a RENEW USA solar energy system on your roof you not only eliminate your electric bill but it will also instantly increase the value of your property.

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A new Zillow analysis shows NY homes with solar energy systems sell for 5.4% more, on average than non-solar homes.


Homes with solar tend to sell 17-20% faster than conventional energy homes.

How We Work


We discuss with you how you save with solar energy / batteries or EV Chargers. We share our expertise of the best technology for your specific project.


We have the industries top installers that are licensed and highly experienced. They are fully committed to giving you the customer experience and the renewable energy system(s) you deserve.


Your solar array generates 100% clean energy for your entire home. It can also charge your electric vehicle and store the excess energy in batteries for peace of mind in the event of a black out.


Start your savings from day 1 when you create your own energy you save money.

We are passionate about preserving the
places where we work, live and play

Our energy demands are extremely high. Going solar can positively impact our surroundings.

Reduce Greenhouse Gas

The largest source of greenhouse gas emissions from human activities in the US is from burning fossil fuels for electricity, heat, and transportation. Solar energy is 100% clean.

Protect Our Water

Coal-fired power plants alone account for 72% of all toxic water pollution in the country. Converting sunlight into electricity requires no water

Economic Benefits

On average, more jobs are created for each unit of electricity generated from renewable sources than from fossil fuels.

Cleaner Air

Placing panels on your home reduces overall reliance on standard energy sources that pollute the air we breathe.

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