Our Vision

Global Initiative

Building a Better Tomorrow, Today

Renew USA is a global initiative starting here in the USA to change the environment and how we use our homes today. We are a partnership with industry leaders and subject matter experts in each field required to change the world. We focus on impact, quality, and loyalty to help us Energize Modernize and Revitalize. We are passionate about what we do because we do what we love and love what we do. That’s RENEW USA.

Values Matter at Renew USA

These are the values we live by and what we bring to every customer interaction.


Create experiences and outcomes that exceed expectations.


Act with honesty and trust to achieve our mission.


Work together to achieve a shared goal for the company and the planet.


Create a positive environment through fun and work.


Learn and adapt quickly in order
to succeed.


Personally commit to better our team, community, and environment.

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A lot of founders believe that leading a company means giving orders from the top. We think about this differently. Our belief is that the primary role as founders is to support the talented people who work for RENEW USA and have a mission which extends beyond our personal gains. When combining this sense of a greater good with a friendly, supportive work environment has been what makes our team so successful. 

Ian Weygand


Ian Weygand‘s passion for all things in nature and the sustainability the environment has grown into a fulfilling journey of preserving them for the future generations. 

At a young age, summers of robotic classes spiked an early interest in electrical engineering. As a teenager, Ian completed a 2 year advanced education electrical school program which shortly after, lead to him joining the NYC local 3 electrical union. As he advanced his career and education, he continued to hone his skills on unique and exclusive projects such as, the build of the Freedom Tower as well as Yankee Stadium. After completing his apprenticeship with the Union, while simultaneously  acquiring his electrical engineering degree, he took an opportunity and position in the Hawaiian Islands where he received his Master Electricians License and began his journey at the forefronts for the beginning of the renewable energy revolution. 
While installing solar on residential, commercial and solar farms throughout all of the Hawaiian Islands, Ian quickly received the reputation for being the expert in the solar field. After 5 years and experiencing the incredible impact and positive reaction renewable energy was having for Hawaii, he felt he needed to share this passion and resource with his fellow community and friends. He decided to head back to New York and build his first Solar Energy company. After a couple years and reaching great heights with his company, while working with amazing people, this journey led him into the next personal growth stage of his career.

Ian was called to use his knowledge gained of electrical and renewable energy over the many years, to help and learn from others. This new chapter brought him to Puerto Rico right after the devastation of Hurricane Maria. The year spent in Puerto Rico was truly a humbling and learning experience. For Ian, the eye opening experience of how reliant people are on energy and how fragile the infrastructure that delivers power to peoples homes really is, put more into perspective of what needs to be done to build and create a more resilient form of energy for all this is when RENEW USA was born.  

“Our goal is to create an energy future that is with out poles, wires and boundaries. An energy market that is decentralized, free of fossil fuels and the grip of big oil corporations. A future in that energy is created silently, abundantly and without a negative impact on our environment. This future energy will be intelligent and communicate so that it could be traded and shared with others, when and where it is needed.” – Ian Weygand