Solar Upgrades


Here at ReNew, quality and efficiency go hand-in-hand. It’s what we value. Most importantly we are always in the forefront of solar innovation. It is important to us to develop ways for our customers with already existing systems to be able to enjoy these modern solar technological breakthroughs.

What You get with Us

Don't Be Left In The Dark

Home Energy Storage “batteries” will integrate with existing Solar power systems. Battery storage will provide a clean critical energy supply during black outs and emergencies. When paired with your solar system, it will give you an endless supply of clean power.

Fully Charged And Ready To Go

Renew’s EV Chargers provide the ability to Tap directly into the power provided by your solar energy system to charge your electric vehicle. Thus, giving you the luxury to go about your daily life (yes, even with your vehicle) running on nothing but sunshine.


Solar Is A Smart Investment

ReNew we also do fresh solar installs or add to existing panels you already have on your roof. With A RENEW Solar energy system on your home you become the power authority. This positively impacts your finances, your security, and the environment by generating unlimited clean energy, freeing you and your family from vulnerabilities to utility price hikes and power outages.

Whole Home Consumption Monitoring

A Renew Monitoring system can be added to your already existing solar energy system and allow you to get an in depth readings of what the house’s consumption are compared to how much your solar system is producing. This is important in understanding if you are creating enough energy from your solar or if you have a possible faulty appliance in the home using too much energy.


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